Priekuļi, 2015


    PROGRAM: Mixed use biathlon and sports center

    SIZE: 4900 m2

    STATUS: Development proposal


    The project is designed as reconstruction of an existing biathlon center. At the moment there are almost no buildings as well as an extensive and chaotic usage of the territory that makes it non-functional. The aim of the project is to make a completely new, innovative and multifunctional top level sports center where living, working, recreation, entertainment, sports, education, culture and other functions are joined together in the most rational and functional way. Multifunctional / transformable platform is designed. It is an area where temporary buildings and activities can be organized. The platform has an orthogonal form that enables to organize functions systematically and rationally. Single Hybrid-building is designed instead of many seperate buildings where all necessary functions are in one place to achieve dense and rational usage of the site and reduce construction and operational costs. The project is a base for different kind of activities all year round that varies according to season and scale of an event. Combining living, working, recreation, entertainment, sports, education, culture and other functions, full-time building is created that is active 24-7. Building is designed as socially active place where people can meet each other developing mutual communication. Shared community space serves as linkage between different functions. The site and part of the building is transformable increasing effectiveness, multifunctionality, non-stop usage as well as optimizing operational costs. The building can be constructed in 5 stages. The first one provides basic needs while next stages adds other functions providing new qualities, increasing the range of visitors and ensuring opportunities to organize top-level events. Construction stages provide systematic and rational development opportunities.


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