France, 2013


    PROGRAM: Master plan

    SIZE: 33,5 ha

    TYPE: International competition

    ARCHITECT: Maris Bardins, Didzis Jaunzems, Sang Woo Kim


    How can we envisage a new urban condition for the 21st century in a formal university campus where it has lost its transition from neither of identity nor to focus but rather filled with mixture of fragmentation and isolation. Our vision is to consolidate those fragmentations into a unified platform to grow the city based on a solid foundation. A foundation that enable us to construct a city, integrate greenery, generate culture and living harmony with diversities. To achieve this, we are offering an “urban platform” 350m wide and 2000m long that extends across the west entrance of the campus to the east axis of suburbia. The size of the platform helps to construct a critical mass and generate a city within walkable distances promoting sustainable urbanism and yet limiting from further impact of urban sprawls. The plate thus offers a sense of identity to this formal university campus through its size and consolidations.

  2. Vision 2050 - birds eye view

    Vision 2050 - birds eye view

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