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Four Faces

YEAR: 2015

LOCATION: Norway, Bergen

PROGRAM: Mixed use

SIZE: 27820 m2

STATUS: International Competition

TEAM: Maris Bardins, Didzis Jaunzems, Klinta Pickaine, Kristaps Kleinbergs, Paula Bloma

Traditionally public space in a city is streets and squares distributed between buildings. Our vision is to consolidate these city fragmentations into 4 unified much larger public spaces - four faces - open and shared with whole Bergen city providing possibilities of gathering, gardening, doing sports and being close with nature. This approach enables us to construct a neighborhood with integrated large scale greenery, create feeling of openness and sharing with surrounding areas, generate culture and living in harmony with diversities. To further enhance the effect of sharing, we propose to avoid traditional segregation morphologies of a city by creating 3 hybrid buildings where various urban typologies are merged together.

Hybrid building offers to condense living, working, recreating, and
cultural life in one architectural gesture that inhabitants would associate themselves by home.