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Hidden Sauna Retreat

YEAR: 2024


PROGRAM: Sauna, living space

SIZE: 50 m2

STATUS: Construction

At the Hidden Sauna Retreat, we've seamlessly blended functionality with aesthetics to create an environment that feels both luxurious and natural. The retreat features a green roof and sunken terraces, allowing it to integrate effortlessly into the surrounding landscape. This makes the building nearly invisible, ensuring that it harmonizes with the natural beauty of its location. Strategically positioned in different directions, sunken terraces offer sheltered spaces that protect against wind, ensuring a comfortable outdoor experience. At the same time, they allow for maximum sunlight exposure, beautiful views, and a direct connection to the waterside. The terraces create intimate outdoor areas that feel both private and open to nature.

The green roof not only enhances the aesthetic appeal by blending the building with its surroundings but also contributes to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. It helps regulate the building’s temperature, reduces rainwater runoff, and supports local biodiversity.

The retreat is divided into three wings, each dedicated to a specific purpose: sleeping, living, and relaxing. This separation allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the activities of each space without distraction.