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Tree House Modules

YEAR: 2020

LOCATION: France, Vibrac, Mothe Chandeniers, Ebaupinay

PROGRAM: Guest houses, sauna, meditation space

SIZE: Various

STATUS: International Competition

Vibrac, Mothe Chandeniers, and Ebaupinay are unique historical heritage in France that deserve to be admired. How can we give them new life by using an architectural language that respects the legacy and yet provides unlimited possibilities? We propose to create a unified design framework instead of a single architectural element. A modular system and multiple placement possibilities are used to adapt the architecture in different contexts. Modules can be combined creating endless variations of tree houses according to location and needs. The proposal defines basic principles of the placement strategy of tree houses - the number and exact location can be changed according to necessity. The tree house module is not connected to trees in any way using freestanding wooden piling structure instead to provide unlimited placement possibilities. Tree houses are designed to adjust the relation with the outside environment to different scenarios. According to the weather conditions and the level of privacy one aims to obtain, the module can be closed to become more secluded or completely open to become as permeable as possible. To highlight the historical context as the main value we propose to create a simple yet thoughtfully refined design solution. To enhance the simplicity of the design Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is used as a single material for all building elements and furniture. Thus tree houses have a minimal environmental impact in terms of both carbon dioxide emissions and concrete impact on nature taking into account the surrounding environment in every respect.

We propose to create a unified design framework instead of a single architectural element.